Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lower Level Remodeling from Titus Contracting

Always wanted a game room or extra guest room? Look no further than the basement! I believe, as do many homeowners, realtors and builders that a finished basement is one of the most desired features of a home. Have you ever considered finishing your home’s basement? For many homes, there is an oft en overlooked and under-utilized space – the lower level. In fact, a lower level remodeling project has about a 70% return on the investment. That’s pretty amazing! In fact, it is one of the highest yielding home improvement projects available. So turn your cold dark basement into a room fit for fun and fancy with lower level remodeling from Titus Contracting.

Is your basement just being used as a storage area? Then, why not turn into a place to hang out? From beautiful home theaters, to office space, to an extra bedroom or playroom, there are many ways the lower area of your home can be transformed and in a surprisingly short amount of time. Titus Contracting specializes in lower level remodeling for Eagan and the surrounding areas and we are ready to get started designing your new living space!

Increasingly, people are choosing to create a lower level suite for a parent or relative to be able to live in independently. Therefore, we often encourage people to think about adding a wet bar or kitchen to their lower level. If you put the necessary plumbing in place before closing up the walls, you will have a much easier time converting it in the future should you need it.

Another important consideration is the need for proper insulation. As you well know, our Eagan winters can be especially cold; so it is important that your lower level remodeling includes insulation installation. And, while many homeowners are opting to go with hardwood floors instead of carpeting for upstairs spaces; having carpet installed will be easier and warmer than vinyl or wood in your basement.

No matter what you decide you want your new living space to function as, professional lower level remodeling from Titus Contracting can make it happen. It is important that your lower level remodeling adheres to the local ordinances regarding the number and size of egresses required. And, as a local renovation and remodeling company, we are well versed in all of these regulations.

I believe that lower level finishing is a great way to enhance your home’s value and add to your living space. So don’t wait any longer! Give Titus Contracting a call today at (952) 444-2301 or Contact Us to learn how we can provide your Eagan home with the lower level remodeling it deserves!

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