Monday, March 27, 2017

Designing a Commercial Space that Supports Culture and Productivity

As the owner of a company myself, I understand that your building is a reflection of you and your business. Style and culture can’t be forced; but this is where commercial design can help! When you are the owner of a business, you put a lot of thought into how to increase your profits, how to attract more customers, and how make your office building a more productive and enjoyable environment for all. Here at Titus Contracting, we specialize in commercial design and remodeling, and can take care of designing and constructing a new, improved space for your business. We can design a space that emphasizes and supports culture, productivity and community while taking into account your business’ specific needs. Allow us to handle everything when it comes to your commercial design and build in Eagan. Myself and fellow experts at Titus Construction have put together some ideas to consider when remodeling for a more efficiently working commercial property.

1. Support Your Company’s Specific Culture
Depending on your business’ core demographic, this will vary on their specific needs. But, no matter your type of business, you have likely heard the term “culture” before in reference to the work environment. How your company works and interacts as a whole can often be the driving force that attracts and keeps employees. Some ideas to improve culture include:
  • Giving your employees more room by converting to an open floor plan.
  • Add amenities that will increase interaction and overall day-to-day well-being. For example, a small gyms, café, recreation room or larger break room.
  • A gathering place or conference room that supports the exchange of new ideas.

Investing in the business with additions or a remodel can show your employees you believe in the work they are doing. Our job as commercial design builders is to help you create a space that reflects and enhances your company’s values while creating a better functioning and looking workplace.

2. Expand & Update
Does your business need more room for specific amenities or products? Are you ready to integrate technology and a fresh new design into your commercial property? Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Give your office or building not only a face lift but also upgraded technology .
  • Make your meeting rooms smart meetings rooms with the ability to reserve them remotely.
  • A fresh paint job can instantly update your offices and conference rooms. Simply adding new paint and updated décor will create a brighter, more productive place for your employees to meet and work in.

3. Get Greener
That’s right! A new commercial design or build could even help save you money on energy consumption. As doors, windows and lighting options become increasingly energy efficient, the ‘green’ possibilities are endless! Not only save money on your power bill, but do something good for the environment.  Your employees and clients will appreciate it too!

Check out testimonials and read all of the great things our commercial customers have said about our expert design team! Are you ready to learn more about commercial design builds in Eagan and surrounding areas? Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817 or you Contact Us.

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