Monday, April 14, 2014

Columbus MN Home Remodeling Project

I’ve been wanting to share this home remodeling project with you all, so here’s the scoop on one of the latest Minneapolis home remodeling projects we took on at Titus Contracting.

I am particularly proud of this project. We put in a completely new kitchen and bathroom at this Minneapolis MN home on Columbus Avenue. Out with the old and in with the new!


The focal points in this new bathroom are the new windows and tile. We upgraded the look and feel of this bathroom by installing new lighting, a new shower and a new vanity too. The bathroom now has a more modern and upgraded feel to it compared to the way it looked before.


The kitchen turned out especially well, I think. There is an abundance of counter space now, and the kitchen feels more open and functional overall. Plus, thanks to the fact that the wall only goes up halfway on one side, whoever is working in the kitchen can still interact with the folks in the dining room. To add to the more modern look, we added hardwood floors. They add a nice touch and really tie the room together.

We often undertake home remodeling projects like these for a variety of reasons. Usually it’s because the home is old and needs a more efficient layout and look. Sometimes though, homeowners just want a change. Either they just moved in and don’t like the way the home looked or was laid out or they’ve been there for awhile and are just ready for a change. Either way, we here at Titus Contracting are happy to help make the home of their dreams into a reality!

So when you are ready to tackle a home remodeling project of your own, call us at 952-746-7817 or Contact Us.

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